Just enough is enough.

Some time back I worked for an organisation which was a startup but it was actually incubated out of a large well established business. There are definitely benefits to being a “seedling” from a large tree like this but there are some deep deep pitfalls as well.

The business model for this organisation was an unusual one in that there were essentially 2 parties at opposite ends of a supply chain which we were connecting together. An additional complication was that this organisation was attempting to create their market instead of entering or attempting to disrupt a current one.

The supplier end of the chain was the paying customer but the value proposition to them of the product was based on cost-reduction. This is almost never as sexy and easy to sell as revenue generation but is still big bucks if you have billions of dollars locked up in your supply chain.

The consumer at the client end of the supply chain were being sold the product on an even more amorphous”ethical” grounding and fundamentally they were the ones which made the proposition appealing to the customer  (if you had a critical mass of these consumer clients, the suppliers were interested in talking to you but not before). In other words, you had to sell to them to sell to the money.

An incredibly difficult and finely balanced sell all around as I’m sure you’ll agree.

The initial idea behind all this was great, the technology was excellent, the team were superb but the organisation as a whole was a total nightmare.


Hiatus interruptus

It’s been an extremely hectic couple of months with work, multiple small (but annoying) illnesses, a minor car crash, of course the Xmas period and a plethora of other things pulling at my time.

In effect because of a constant feeling of exhaustion I’ve had to take a lengthy hiatus from writing just to cope (excepting a brief rant last week at the politicization of the judicial system in the UK).

Not much has changed… Work and life are still hectic but I think that’s just the way it is and is going to be henceforth (if not more so). If I’m looking for a window of calm and peace in order to be able to write I’ll never scribble another word in my life. Time to man up and get on with it.

So, inspired by Euan Semple’s blog post this morning: We need more shit I’m just going to write as well as I can, tired or rushed as it may be and if there’s any signal in that noise, it’s up to you, gentle reader, to work it out.

Time to practise the “rhythm method” of blogging and interrupt this hiatus. :)

We’re Back in Blog (sorry – I’m listening to AC/DC: Back in Black as I type – hence the awful pun)

Welcome to the Orwellian State.

I wonder if I’m the only person who thinks this is a disgrace:

Student protester jailed for throwing fire extinguisher



G20: No charges over Ian Tomlinson demo death


Let’s put this in perspective:

The former is an act of stupidity by a little more than a CHILD which resulted in NO INJURY to anyone that has lead to a young person’s incarceration for 2 1/2 years and a future being irrevocably altered (probably not for the better).

The latter is an unnecessary vicious attack perpetrated by a man (P.C. Simon Harwood) with a documented history of violence which resulted in the death of an innocent bystander and carries the penalty of…. losing his job *if* the charges of gross misconduct actually stick (of which there is no guarantee).

Am I the only one  who struggles to see the “Justice” in this?

Not a very “equal” society one would have to say.