Noone ever fixed a process by adding more process

One of the recurring problems I’ve come across in organisation after organisation is this tendency for “Process” to become a lodestone for everything to accrete to over time. Eventually you end up with a situation where the “Process”, originally intended to get the organisation towards some goal has become a ravenous beast in and of itself which requires more effort to sustain it than is required to deliver the goal it was created to achieve in the first place and every time we come across a problem with the…

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Emergent Enterprise

During my career to date I’ve run the gamut of organisation sizes and types from small “family” run businesses through medium enterprises and all the way through banks and large corporations in both an employee and external consultant capacity so I’ve got a sort of inside and outside view of how businesses and management practise work across almost the entire spectrum of business type, sectors and approach. Some of the common themes across my experience I’ve put together into pithy truisms which I trot out on occasion,…

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