Principles of an emergent enterprise

In returning to my favoured topic of the moment (and a lengthy dissertation it’s proving to be) I’d like to give some ideas as to what I believe are the core principles of an emergent enterprise. Transparency. Ok, let’s start with some controversy. What’s wrong with total transparency? Why don’t organisations embrace it? The issue is that most organisations don’t “trust” their workforce, particularly the “lower level” people. Why do we hire people we don’t trust? If we do trust our people then…

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Don't hire "outside the box" thinkers and place them in a box

Euan Semple (@euan) mentioned something on Twitter a few weeks ago which I immediately saved as it resonated with this topic: “onboarding” sounds perilously close to “waterboarding” This is such a good way of putting it I hardly need to expand on it but I will since it converges very nicely with what this article is about. As organisations we strive to buy the cleverest (often very expensive) tools to achieve what we need and hire the cleverest (also expensive) people we can afford to use/run them. Rarely do…

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Eureka! "The network is the person"

Yesterday morning I had something of a Eureka! moment (while showering – typical!). For whatever reason, Sun’s motto from the 1990’s “The network is the computer” started buzzing around in my head however my context was thinking about people’s social networks. Suddenly it hit me, what Euan Semple has been saying on a few occasions when I’ve seen him speak (and chatted with him) but which I hadn’t fully grasped bubbled up in my mind. My most valuable asset as an employee is my network! As…

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