Facebook minus, Google Plus

The social media space is all abuzz about Google+ and I’ve been lucky enough to have had a chance to play with it for the last week or so. It’s good. It’s not perfect but for the type of space it’s playing in, it’s really really good. I can easily see people leaving facebook for plus… Actually, I’m one of those people but not because I believe Plus is better than Facebook for social networking (both have some fundamental problems which I’ll discuss…

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Facebook Panic Button. Another excuse to not parent?

I’m thoroughly unconvinced by the Facebook/CEOPS “Panic button”. It seems to me once again like a technological solution to a management problem. The flawed logic being applied is that a child is cognizant enough of their risks online to (a) install the app – no mean feat in and of itself and (b) recognise when they’re at risk. Show me a teenager who fundamentally understands these risks and I’ll eat my hat. The key to minimising our children’s risks online is not daft barely thought through…

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