Decisions decisions

There are good decisions, there are bad decisions and then there is the worst decision of all: No decision. Earlier this summer I attended a lecture with Dr Khaled Soufani at the Judge Business School and during that lecture he made a comparison between British and US Tech companies and the fact that the latter were far more innovative and likely to succeed than the former. He put this down to one key difference which after living and working in the UK for the last 5 years I wholeheartedly agree…

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Don't hire "outside the box" thinkers and place them in a box

Euan Semple (@euan) mentioned something on Twitter a few weeks ago which I immediately saved as it resonated with this topic: “onboarding” sounds perilously close to “waterboarding” This is such a good way of putting it I hardly need to expand on it but I will since it converges very nicely with what this article is about. As organisations we strive to buy the cleverest (often very expensive) tools to achieve what we need and hire the cleverest (also expensive) people we can afford to use/run them. Rarely do…

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Closed Questions? Open Answers!

Established definitions of open and closed answers are that they are the responses to open and closed questions respectively. I don’t agree. I think a closed answer is one which is intended to shut off further questioning while it’s counterpart, an open answer invites the questioner to ask more questions as a result. When I was about 12 or 13, in my first years at secondary school (about grade 8-9 elsewhere?) I was a big-brain science geek. Science class was my favourite class and I read voraciously especially…

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